Shortest Lunch – Winery Profile – Five Oaks Vineyard

 Shortest Lunch – Winery Profile – Five Oaks Vineyard – by Denise McCann

Wally and Judy Zuk, Owners and Winemakers of Five Oaks Vineyard are quintessential over-achievers!

Wally, a born and bred Canadian from Quebec, graduated with a PhD in Nuclear Physics from Queens University in Kingston in eastern Ontario and Judy, an Australian who had the guts to go travelling in her early 20s and found her niche in Canada, achieved her Law degree from Carleton University in Ottawa, which is where she met Wally.

Since releasing their first wine, a 1995 Cabernet Merlot, Judy and Wally’s wines have earned over 90 awards at National and International wine competitions and they export wines to Canada, Macau, Hong Kong and Greater China.

Which for a rocket scientist and “Gentleman Winemaker” ain’t too bad at all!

Shortest Lunch - Winery Profile - Five Oaks Vineyard
One of the five Oak Trees

Judy and Wally will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary later this year! A true achievement in today’s fast paced society!

As mentioned, Wally and Judy arrived in Canberra in 1968 where Wally was a visiting Research Fellow in Nuclear Physics at the Australian National University. It was there that Wally was introduced to Australian wines, which started an interest that subsequently became his passion.

Judy and Wally returned to Canada for twenty years but interest in Australian wines continued to grow, fuelled by numerous trips back to Australia while visiting Judy’s family.

In 1990, the Zuk family moved permanently to Australia and settled in Sydney where Wally was recruited by the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation as Director of the Environmental Science Research Division.

Judy also joined the Australian Nuclear Science & Technology Organisation, in the Business Collaboration group, where in addition to looking after patents and intellectual property, she was responsible for organising two large annual open house events, as well as coordinating the preparation and publication of a nuclear science resource book for Australian high schools.

Shortest Lunch - Winery Profile - Five Oaks Vineyard
Judy on the Canadian slopes with her lovely Grandson!
Shortest Lunch - Winery Profile - Five Oaks Vineyard
A vineyard dog – a cat named Katie!
Shortest Lunch - Winery Profile - Five Oaks Vineyard
The vineyard sneaking out from under the Oak Trees

Meanwhile, in his spare time (what spare time I hear you ask!), Wally achieved a Bachelor of Science in Wine Science from Charles Sturt University making him a fully-fledged qualified Winemaker.

The search was then on for just the right vineyard and winery. Wally and Judy visited every major wine region of Australia and settled on the picturesque, Yarra Valley.

This Shortest Lunch will be Wally’s last hurrah, Swan song, farewell performance as Master Chef of Pancakes! Wally will be hanging up his Chef jacket and retiring his pancake-flipping spatula after 17 years, having flipped some 40,000 pancakes in that time!!!  In the future some else can take over the task of flipping pancakes and suffer from RPFS (Repetitive Pancake Flipping Strain)…

Wines by the glass or bottle and individually- brewed Espresso coffee, tea, hot chocolate will be available to accompany the pancakes, as well as guitar tunes and a Grand Piano…


Smaller Wineries Yarra Valley

Shortest Lunch Menu at Five Oaks

Five Oaks will once more feature their famous Canadian Pancakes
to be enjoyed for breakfast, brunch or dessert.

Served with Canadian Maple Syrup, Bacon or Sausages,
or with other toppings of your choice
including Lemon & Sugar, Fresh Fruit, Nutella
with Cream or Ice cream.


Shortest Lunch - Winery Profile - Five Oaks Vineyard

60 Aitken Road (PO Box 13)
Seville, Victoria 3139, Australia
p: +61 3 5964 3704
m: 0428 757 953

Shortest Lunch – Winery Profile – Five Oaks Vineyard

Shortest Lunch - Winery Profile - Five Oaks Vineyard

Saturday 18th & Sunday 19th June, 2016
10am – 5pm




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