Virtual Assistant in the Online World Of Wine

Women Of Wine postcard

Women Of Wine celebrates 10 years this year!

Our aim back in 2007 was simple – promote women in the wine industry and help our guests learn and understand more about wine without feeling intimidated. I really wanted to see more women have the confidence to take hold of the wine list at restaurants and be bold in their choices! V

It’s been a fantastic time over the last 10 years to be a part of this sector with more and more women being recognised in the wine industry as significant global and domestic players.

Over the years, Women Of Wine has provided many opportunities for women (and men too of course) to enhance their love of wine through our events and bespoke winery tours. We’ve challenged their palates, expanded their wine knowledge and seen their wine cellars grow!

So in 2017, we’ve decided to hit the reset button and take our wine experience and knowledge to the ever-expanding online audience. Now that the Internet of Things is actually a thing… consider me your…

Virtual Assistant in the Online World Of Wine

We will share more stories about the people making the wine, showcase different wines and wine regions and cut through some of the mystery about wine varieties, wine descriptions and the industry in general. There might even be a hosted bar hopping, wine region tour somewhere in there as well.